Subscribe Or Gift
Select a monthly subscription for your own dogs or as a gift for someone else. You can also select a one-time TreatMail to give as a gift or to celebrate a special occasion.


Check the Mail
Each month around the 15th you’ll receive a fresh TreatMail packed with 18-25 gourmet treats in a variety of  flavors for your furry friends to enjoy.


A new TreatMail will be delivered directly to your door each month for as long as you keep the subscription.  Each month the box is full of  fresh cookies in new fun themes and delicious flavors.


It is an absolute joy to receive our “Treat Mail” from you each month. The three babies, Cleo (not pictured), Winston and P.D., all love seeing the Barker Street box addressed to them being delivered and unpacked.
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What is TreatMail?

TreatMail is your monthly supply of handmade gourmet dog treats baked fresh and delivered right to your door. No product samples or leftovers here, just fresh, tasty, fun hand decorated gourmet treats made right here in the USA. TreatMail delivers what dogs crave!